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Length: 5:03
Rated Mature by 2 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

Love hurts. So good.

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by Kyriehillberg  
Loved the fast paced action, they were so believable as assassins, I'm sure both of them have done martial arts at some point. I was rooting for her as soon as I saw her skills. ( +4)
by belizaney  
Ha ha, this was a really fun watch. It felt like I was watching Mr and Ms Smith where they was both assigned to kill the other. ( +4)
by Jacobbing  
This was the best video I've ever watched on here, filled with really good comedy and action. I kind of expected the kiss because there was so much sexual tension between them I was kinda asking for it. ( +4)
by Blakemvk  
How did she give dude a full clean shave, that was funny as hell, after nearly ending each other they suddenly go back to normal lol ( +4)
by Lkroxy  
Haha Brilliant ! ( +2)